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Future Moons – ‘Seasons’

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Hailing from Southern California, Future Moons are a superb dream-pop duo. Their latest EP ‘Seasons’ is destined to please existing fans, while winning them an army of new ones too!

‘Entangled’ opens the release with warm and inviting vocals. Luscious reverb surrounds the instruments and the rich production shines through. ‘Petals’ features a melancholic feel and the lead vocals captivate the listener. We adored ‘Golden’, the layered vocals offer a textured and colourful piece. The breathy vocals have intoxicating melodies, and the backing instrumentation provides a solid foundation for the vocals to shine. The final track, ‘Grey’, is haunting and unforgettable. It stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

Future Moons say, “‘Golden’ began as a journal entry that vocalist & lyricist Kota Wade wrote when inspired by the golden light of Summer coming over the tops of the Southern Californian mountains.” They continue, “Quickly turning to lyrics & melodies; bandmate Tommy Oleksyn sprinkled in dreamy guitar lines that are freshly infused with 70s nostalgia – the modern landscape shining a fresh & organic perspective.”

Future Moons – ‘Seasons’

‘Seasons’ is alternative pop at its best. When asked about the releases influences Future Moons says, “The EP is inspired by each individual season & the single ‘Golden’ is inspired by the golden light of summer as it came over the Southern Californian mountains.”

Future Moons were previously known as Bad Wolf, they racked up a loyal following with their unique sound and stunning visuals, gaining over a million views on their YouTube channel. They have evolved into Future Moons and we are so pleased to have discovered their refreshing and innovating sound. 

So make sure you add ‘Seasons’ to your weekend playlist. Future Moons are an exciting band, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next. 

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