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Gerry Cea – ‘Something New’

‘Something New’ is the latest album by musician, Gerry Cea. Released in 2019, the album is filled with infectious grooves and luscious melodies. 

‘It’s Ok’ opens the release and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We hear dancing melodic guitars and relaxed, laid back vibes emanating from the song. Luscious guitar licks underpin the divine vocals. Also, subtle changes from major to minor give the track texture and warmth. 

‘Sad To Say Goodbye’ has a full and inviting feel once all of the instrumentation enter and ‘One Day at a Time’ further showcases Cea’s magnificent vocals. ‘I Got News For You’ is a driving track with effected vocals giving them further colour. ‘Our Love Goes on Forever’ features stunning vocals and beautiful harmonies too.

Guitar heavy, we adored the placement of multiple riffs and solo’s during ‘Something New’. The changes between acoustic to electric compliments each other beautifully, and there are always fresh twists and turns to enjoy. The mix, master and production are all excellent. There is a lot of layers of superb instrumentation to hear, and everything has its own space in the mix. Blissful.  

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cea is a brilliant composer and musician. All of the songs on ‘Something New’ have single potential. Cea arrived in NYC in 1985, then moved to Miami in 1993 and opened cafe prima pasta restaurant. His varied journey through life is reflected in his music, and we are sure this is the first of many more albums to come from this supreme musician.

Make sure you check out ‘Something New’ today! Cea also has other releases in his back catalogue, and we will be delving into those this week too!

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