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‘Waiting for the Truth’ is the brand new single from singer/songwriter Greg Smith. This latest release is the title track from his 2019 album. It is an Americana song with a laid back vibe and gorgeous instrumentation.

‘Waiting for the Truth’ opens to the sound of a piano. The music is relaxed and there are wonderful pauses in between the notes that allow the music to breathe. It never feels rushed. Next, an acoustic guitar enters which has been double-tracked to both sides of the mix. We hear a harmonica which is an unexpected and refreshing addition.

Smith’s vocals are reminiscent of 1970’s singer-songwriters such as Jackson Browne or Cat Stevens. They sound clean with the addition of delay on the verses. The harmonica flirts with the vocals filling in the gaps the vocals leave. The bass and percussion are the final players to enter the mix, they bring new textures and colours with them to cement the lineup.

The guitar chords stay stoic and strong throughout. The chorus is catchy and reappears throughout the 5minute track. ‘Waiting for the Truth’ comes full circle, it ends as it began with just a solo piano to close the song. Simply beautiful composition.

We adored the gorgeous lyrics that fill the melodies. Lyrics such as, “Patience never makes a sound,” and, “‘Spend our days rehearsing, waiting for the truth.” Stand out and confirm our first thoughts: what an incredible songsmith Smith is.

Hailing from Savannah, GA, Greg Smith is an artist who has a rich back catalogue of music. He has released 9 albums in total and having heard ‘Waiting for the Truth’, we will be spending the weekend delving deep into his previous releases. Check ‘Waiting for the Truth’ out on the player below!

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