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Formed in 2012, Handstand Parade are a Reading-based band whose latest single, ‘Draped In Gold’, is destined for success. It is an alternative pop song that is filled with catchy grooves and infectious melodies.

‘Draped In Gold’ opens to the sound of industrial drums and synths. From this intriguing beginning, a melodic song emerges. We found the vocals and guitars to be at the forefront of the mix. They have a toppy quality to them which makes them sparkle and they grab the listeners’ attention instantly. The guitars seem to have endless energy as they bounce the song along and guide the rest of the instrumentation forward.

The chorus is extremely catchy and Handstand Parade will have you singing along in no time. We believe, ‘Draped in Gold’ to be fundamentally a love song. Lyrics such as, “You know I only see you draped in gold,” are heartwarming and heartfelt.

The bridge features double-tracked vocals that add weight to the piece. We also loved the building kick and growing high hats in this part of the song. They add texture and colour to the piece.

Consisting of band members: Shaquille Howe, Josh Ward, Matt De La Harpe and, Andrew Langdon, Handstand Parade are taking a much-loved genre of alternative pop and reinventing it for 2019. Their sound is reminiscent of The 1975, The Weeknd and, The Smiths, but make no mistake, Handstand Parade makes a sound all of their own.

So make sure you check out ‘Draped In Gold’ from the link below. You will not be disappointed!

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