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Louisville based band HANNAN, are back with their magnificent latest EP, ‘Charm Offensive’. Filled with character and addictive riffs, it is a release that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

‘Under The Gun’ opens the release with driving bass and drums. The guitars are staccato in nature until the full flow is established. Everything works in unison with a descending run which is followed by gorgeous and unusual chord changes. 

We adored, ‘Inside Out Girl’ and ‘I Am I’ for their melodic content and driving rhythms. ‘Break me’ is instantly charming with its catchy guitar riffs and the start-stop elements creating texture. The final track, ‘The Killing Man’ finishes the release in style with a culmination of all of the instrumentation we loved throughout the release. The lyrics have substance to them too, and it has all been beautifully arranged.

HANNAN are comprised of members; Graham Hannan – Vocals, Houston Barnett – Guitars, Ben Hurst – Guitars, Josh Smart – Bass, and Dean Dufresne – Drums. Their tight and solid sound comes from musicians who are excellent at their crafts and are used to playing together. With influences cited as being, Blackstone Cherry, and Def Leppard, it is no wonder that the boys have produced such a classic EP.

All of the songs on the EP were written and performed by HANNAN. ‘Under the Gun,’ ‘Inside out Girl,’ and ‘I Am I’ feature the magnificent Chet Roberts. The EP has been recorded at Rivergate Studios, Nashville, TN, produced by Chet Roberts and Engineered by Marshall Bastin and Chet Roberts. Together they have created an excellent piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time. 

So make sure you check out ‘Charm Offensive’ today, HANNAN are a superb band who need to be discovered! 

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