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One of our favourite artists is back! The mighty Heart Through Sacrifice (aka London based artist, Doug Rimington), is releasing his 3rd single. Chapter 3, ’Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’ is another incredibly melodic, and hard rock fuelled song!

We were lucky enough to blog about Heart Through Sacrifice’s second release, ‘Born From Sin / The Beast’, in July. If you missed it, it can be found here. His impressive single output shows no sign of abating. The quality of the music is just as high on the new release and it is a wonderful continuation to the story Heart Through Sacrifice is telling.

‘Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’ is thoroughly engaging from the get-go. The melodic bass, guitar riffs, and big drums all create a solid foundation for the female vocals to shine. The vocals are captivating and showcase the vocalist’s impressive range as the song progresses. There are many layers of colour and texture to be devoured. Delicious. 

The composition of ‘Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’ is top draw. The song is an epic piece, over 5 minutes in length and it takes the listener on a fantasy journey. There are many different parts to the composition which are linked together beautifully and come together to create one cohesive piece of music. 

To complement the excellent composition, we were also blown away by the production on the single. The sound is big and powerful but no element feels lost or stifled. The Drums cover the complete audio spectrum. With headphones on (we like it loud!), the tom fills can be heard moving from left to right, taking the listeners’ attention with them. The layers of guitars can be identified separately and shine gloriously in their beauty. 

Back in July, Heart Through Sacrifice promised these 3 singles were a prelude to a full album. Come on Doug! We’re all waiting! 

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