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We have been waiting for the latest album by Heart Through Sacrifice since we first heard the single, ‘Born From Sin / The Beast’. The self-titled album is everything we hoped it would be: a thoroughly enjoyable concept album filled with excellent musicianship and addictive grooves.

We were completely blown away by the superb production that runs through the entire release. The drums stand out, punchy driving and machine-gun-like in places! The guitars are covered in luscious distortion and the bass propels the songs forward. Tracks such as, ‘Born From Sin / The Beast’, ‘Vengeance And Fury / Decimate’ and ‘By Her Side / Grief And Resolve’ are all excellent compositions on their own. Heart Through Sacrifice has made all of the excellent stand-alone tracks come together to create a 59-minute masterpiece in composition.

The vocals oversee the whole album. They are provided by the superbly talented artist, Corinner Cooper. Originally from Gibraltar, she has been living in the UK for the last few years, performing on The Voice, The Chattering Nuns of Good Omens (Netflix) and also performing regularly on the local gig circuit. Her voice is engaging and throughout the album, her impressive range and tones are on show.

Doug Rimington is the mastermind behind Heart Through Sacrifice. He wrote, produced and performed on the release. Doug says, “I finally have something I am truly proud of, something that represents my creative career so far, that I feel is really special and I cannot wait to share it with everyone!”. The mixing and mastering were executed by Matt Bew from Whitehouse Studios in Reading. Together they have created a piece of art that is creative and stunning at its heart.

In a world of throw away and disposable music, it is thoroughly refreshing to have a well thought out, meaningful and well-executed album from such magnificent musicians. ‘Heart through Sacrifice’ needs to be listened to in one sitting to be fully appreciated. It is composition at its finest and the arrangements and storytelling are simply stunning. The vision it must take to create such a huge piece of art is unimaginable to us! The talent and skill Doug Rimington has are immeasurable. ‘Heart Through Sacrifice’ is destined to survive the test of time and be a timeless hit. 

Thankfully, Heart Through Sacrifice is not done yet! In 2020 there are plans for another release that will coincide with artworks from a forthcoming graphic novel based around the story from this concept album. 

Check out our past blogs about the singles here, Born from Sin / The Beast and Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’. 

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