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Heart Through Sacrifice – ‘Pride and Honour / Him’

One of our favourite artists is back! Heart Through Sacrifice (AKA Doug Rimington) has released his 4th single ‘Pride and Honour / Him’, and it is a beautiful and exhilarating listen. 

From an energetic and hard-hitting opening, unapologetic drums and guitars power through. The familiar vocals take the listener’s attention with the snare drum feeling like an unrelenting machine gun in places. The layers of texture and colours are unparalleled to anything we have heard of late, and the storytelling across all of Heart Through Sacrifice’s releases is sublime. 

‘Pride and Honour / Him’, follows the releases, ‘Blood Stained Stone / The Boy’, ‘Born from Sin / The Beast’, ‘Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’ and it carries the compelling and inspiring torch. Rimington says, “‘ Pride and Honour / Him’ continues the dark fantasy tale of Heart Through Sacrifice, this chapter fleshes out the beast and showcases her power in true form.” He continues, “I finally have something I am truly proud of, something that represents my creative career so far, that I feel is really special, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone!” 

Mastermind Rimington has written and performed almost all of the instruments on the release. He is exceptionally talented with vision and passion too. Corinne Cooper provides the vocals, and her range and diversity can be enjoyed throughout the songs. The final mix and mastering of the single have been carried out by superbly Matt Bew (Whitehouse Studios, Reading, UK). 

We can not wait for the graphic novel which is also in the works and will accompany a wider release of the album with artwork by Bec Dennison (Bullet on a String). She also designed the Heart Through Sacrifice logos and album design too.

We are so in love with Heart Through Sacrifice’s work. Rimington is a master of his craft and has the ability to tell compelling stories. He guides the listener effortlessly through differing trials in an exciting and ever-evolving way.

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