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Home Creatures are back with their honest and melodic song, ‘A Healthy Way To Cope’.

This single is a masterclass in composition. It is filled with expected and unexpected twists and turns. Drums, bass, and guitars create a laid back groove for the melodic vocals to shine. The song is guitar heavy with lots of layers of texture and intrigue to keep the listeners’ attention.

Luscious harmonies shine through from the backing vocals and also the instrumentation. There is a gorgeous slide guitar that subtly appears in the background but is an integral part of the overall atmosphere of the track.

The majority of the instrumentation cuts away for the guitar solo. It is magnificently performed with an organ taking the centre stage to build the song back up again. The end of the song is an unusual and superb composition. The single descends into complete discord. It is a brilliant juxtaposition to the uniformed verses and choruses that have come before.

The London based band are masters in their craft. The honesty and sincerity in their music resonate with the listener and instantly make them accessible. There are many emotions to be felt during ‘A Healthy Way To Cope’, it is a complex song and we feel it will mean different things to different people.

There is a frustration in the heartfelt lyrics which is portrayed beautifully from the vocal performance. The lead singer has a strong Scottish accent which shines through in the mix and adds character and charm to the piece. The lyrics feel like advice in places and we took it as a song about loss. Whether it is of a relationship or a loved one, it is something everyone can relate to.

So make sure you check out these incredible songsmiths today, you will not be disappointed!

FVMusicBlog August 2019

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