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Honey Cane – ‘Brother Sister’

‘Brother Sister’ is the mesmerising debut album from LA band, Honey Cane. During the impressive 11 tracks, the group takes the listener on a journey filled with genuine heart and soul.

‘California’ opens the album. Creeping drums enter the sonic landscape building as they go. A bass, acoustic and electric guitars join with an organ adding extra colour subtly in the mix. Character filled vocals appear with superb backing vocals too, singing harmonies and adding their magic to the track. Blissful.

We enjoyed ‘Hotel Del’, it has significant, and imposing guitars that capture the listeners’ attention immediately. There is a laid back groove that instantly endears the listener too. Composition at its finest. ‘If I Lie With You’ hears an atmospheric opening. The familiar vocals are welcomed in, and the harmonies are stunning. It is our favourite track on the album, we couldn’t help reaching for the repeat button.

We also enjoyed the title song, ‘Brother Sister’, it again has a laid back nature, and the full chorus elevates the song further. ‘Before I Move On’ changes to a blues genre. The guitar solo, in the beginning, is stunning, and the piano backing adds further texture. We loved the staccato chords behind the vocals on the verses. They give the piece weight and captivates the listener.

Comprised of band members: Jerry Slavonia, Robert Preston, Larry Dekker, Paul Rustigian, and Matt Boudreau, Honey Cane are a great group of musicians. We can feel their love, passion and dedication pulsating through the record. Each part has been meticulously performed with soul, and the electricity they create has been captured in these wonderful recordings.

Released officially in October 2019, ‘Brother Sister’ is out now! Make sure you check it out, you will not be disappointed!

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