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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure!


Release: ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’ is a deeply moving album by Canadian based artist Raynald Grenier. The ten-track piece of work features gorgeous arrangements, luscious harmonies and cinematic sonic landscapes. Read our full review here. Grenier is a talented and innovative composer.

Artist: SÜKKO 

Release: ‘A Violent Deep Feel’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘A Violent Deep Feel’ is the brand new EP from Norwich-based band SÜKKO. It is an alternative-rock release that sets SÜKKO apart from the crowd. They are a 5-piece band that are using their platform to highlight issues such as racial and gender equality, mental health and global issues. The title track is a gorgeous, superbly arranged song that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. SÜKKO are set to do big things in 2022.


Release: ‘Be There Soon’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Australia, musician Tom Harrington has released the spellbinding EP ‘Be There Soon’. It is a stand out acoustic-folk EP. Filled with gorgeous guitar-picking, divine layered vocals and catchy melodies, it is a release that needs to be added to your playlist this weekend! Tom Harrington is a name you will be hearing much more from in the future.


Release: ‘Bitanem’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Bitanem’ is a magnificent single by artist Leonardo Barilaro. A solo piano opens the release and fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. Barilaro is a talented pianist and intelligent composer who is destined to do big things in 2022.


Release: ‘Bad Guy’

Release Date: Out Now!

With a punchy production and inviting vibe, ‘Bad Guy is the divine indie-pop release from Forgotten Garden. We love the soulful, layered vocals, and catchy chorus. ‘Bad Guy’ is a song you need to hear this February. Forgotten Garden are a band to watch in 2022.

Artist: LIVE WIRE 

Release: ‘Klondike Girl’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Klondike Girl’ is the excellent punk-rock single from Peterborough-based band Live Wire. It is a super catchy track with killer guitars and catchy melodies. The ferocious drums and layered vocals add vivid colour to the single too. Live Wire are a band that are on the rise. Check them out today!

Artist: A_SHES 

Release: ‘Movies & Music’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Movies & Music’ is the debut release from Malaysian-born artist A_SHES. It is a wonderful dream-pop release that features gorgeous vocals, a staccato guitar, and a banging beat. A_SHES is a promising musician with a whole lot of talent and is an artist to watch this year.

Twitter: @a_shesmusic


Release: ‘Secret Lover ‘

Release Date: Out Now!

Los Angeles-based artist Karina Magallon has released her magnificent single ‘Secret Lover’ today, 18th February. Influenced by bossa nova and trap, Magallon’s soulful voice masterfully guides the song along, mesmerising the audience with her compelling tones. ‘Secret Lover’ is taken from Magallon’s bilingual island-themed EP, we can not wait for the full release to drop!

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