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Officially released on 2nd August 2019, ‘Poison’ is the tantalising release from Suffolk born artist, Jake Aldridge.

‘Poison’ is a pop song which is filled with passion and soul from the get-go. The subject matter is relatable about heartbreak and the chorus melody is infectious. The driving drums and bass dictate the pace while Aldridge’s vocals cement the single as one of the greats from 2019. His smooth and characterful tones are further enhanced by the brilliant songwriting. Lyrics such as, “I’m addicted to your thunder but I’m drowning in your rain,” struck a chord with us as we are sure they will with many people.

Produced by RedNek, who has previously collaborated and performed with Tinie Tempah and 50 Cent, the overall feel of the single is smooth and addictive. RedNek has made Aldrige’s voice the deserved shining star during this release. There is also an incredible video that accompanies the single. It is the perfect accompaniment to the song and captures Aldridge’s heart and soul in it.

We were surprised to see that, Alderidge is primarily a hip hop artist. As this is our first introduction to his music, we are intrigued to see that this is not his first style of music. Aldridge says: “The truth is that I always wanted to be a singer, I just never had the confidence to give it a try. I’m having singing lessons now and I feel like this song marks a new beginning for me and my music and I am really excited about what’s to come.” Also, ‘Poison’ features no guest vocals at all, it is all Aldridge himself. We will most certainly be checking out his back cataolgue and are excited to discover his hip-hop roots.

So make sure you check out this magnificent single today, you will not be disappointed!

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6 responses to “Jake Aldridge – ‘Poison’”

  1. Jake I’m so very happy for you my friend. You deserve so much and this song will take you to the top #1💯

    1. I could not agree more Diana

  2. Absolutey amazing, Think this is the best ever

    1. All true Sylvia

  3. Poison is truly one of my favorite Jake Aldridge songs, it’s right up there with Moonlight. I find myself singing this chorus in my head through out the day; so catchy! Jake is a talent to be reckoned with & only gets better with time. Looking forward to his next one…….

    1. Could not have said it better myself Terri!

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