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‘Tonight’ is the stunning latest release by the alternative rock band, Jane N’ The Jungle. It is a song that is filled with heart and the band demands the attention of the listener from the get-go.

Rich bass, drums and a palm muted guitar burst into the audio stratisphere in the opening of ‘Tonight’. Soon a rock n roll vocal joins the trio and the scene is set. The vocal performance is stunning. The impressive range and emotion which are demonstrated we found to be breath taking. As the track progresses, all of the instrumentation express themselves beautifully and come together to create a moving piece of art.

Written by Jordan White, she says of the song, “‘Tonight’ was inspired by a feeling of desperation I had of wanting something so badly to work, a relationship and a dream I had chased for years. I wanted to capture the pain and feeling I felt and that’s how ‘Tonight’ was written. Raw emotion and guilt for wanting something so desperately even when it was wrong for me in every way.” We have all been there Jordan! This is a big part of Jane N’ The Jungle’s appeal, their honest relatability.

We also loved the stunning video that accompanies the release. It is in black and white and captures the beauty of the song wonderfully. It is based around a live band performance and the black and white add instant atmosphere to the piece. Stunning backlighting is used and harmony is apparent throughout.

Jane N’ The Jungle are currently based in Los Angeles, California. Comprised of band members, Jordan White – Vocals, Brian Dellis – Guitar, and Bryan Dague – Bass, Jane N’ The Jungle are a band who are at the top of their game. Check out this magnificent release today!

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