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We have just been introduced to the artist, Joshua Seigel. His latest album, ‘Florentine Candy’ was released officially on the 8th August 2019 and it is a brilliant piece of art.

‘Florentine Candy’ is a unique album and is unparrelled to any piece of music that we have heard recently. There are layers of texture and character that are generated from spoken word samples and have been cleverly arranged by Seigel.

‘Dear Pillow at Night’ opens the album with spoken word to be heard in the distance. The listener feels as though they are listening into private conversations constantly. The song evolves into screamo as it progresses and these unexpected twists and turns continue throughout.

We loved, ‘Smells Like Sex’, it has a futuristic quality with drums, synths and robotic voices. Heavy breathing can be heard under pinning the track and spoken word samples ring out.

The title track, ‘Florentine Candy’ has a syncopated kick drum with energetic high hats. There are vocals singing and intermittent coughing sounds to be heard too. The song evolves into a hip-hop feel and there are again, the trademark spoken word samples filling the audio landscape.

‘Komodo’ is our favourite song on the album. It features a beautifully played, melodic piano which we will hear again later in the ‘Interlude’. The final track, ‘I’m Doing Alright. Best, Joshua Seigel <3’ is a wonderful sign off from the artist. Joshua Seigel is one of a kind and he has some new fans in us!

Seigel is currently a film student studying at Chapman University. Seigel says, “I’ve used what I know from sound designing movies to record, mix, and master my own music. This allows my songs to give you a ‘cinematic’ experience.” Siegel’s music certainly does have a cinematic feel to it. The heavy use of samples, layered on top of one another create an interesting landscape for the listener to get lost in.

If you are after something different, away from the main stream pop Top 40, we can not recommend joshua Seigel highly enough. We feel ‘Florentine Candy’ is a piece of art that needs to be devoured in one sitting. It is an album that has been written as a whole and to be fully appreciated, it benefits from being heard as one continuous piece.

So put the kettle on, put your feet up and play ‘Florentine Candy’. We can not wait to see what will come next from this charming and charasmatic writer.

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