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KTEE is back with her latest single, ‘Rich’. Having been released in July 2019, it is a song that is making waves in the pop scene.

‘Rich’ is a single with a smooth groove and a catchy pop chorus. There are gorgeous synths with warm guitars to be heard and they work together to create a solid foundation for KTEE’s vocal performance. Her tone and delivery are simply sublime and are a big part of what makes this single so addictive.

KTEE describes ‘Rich’ as, “(a song which) expresses the love one should have for one’s life. You can be rich without having a lot of money. Friends, family, places, ups and downs – those are the things that make you rich.” We think this is a superb message to be putting out to the world. In a time where money and social media are at the forefront of people’s attention, KTEE is using her platform to remind people what really matters. We need more KTEE’s in the world.

Originally from Maria Neustift (Austria), KTEE went on to study at the University of Vienna. She also successfully qualified for The Voice which she says was the beginning of her career, as she got to know her present producer there.

The production on ‘Rich’ is brilliant and lets the song shine in its best light. It has a heavy pop feel to it with all of the instrumentation having their own space in the mix. The overall tone is warm and inviting and we could easily hear this song being played on Radio 1, alongside established pop artists.

KTEE released her debut single, ‘Rock your Life’ in 2016 and has continued to work extremely hard ever since. We loved ‘Rich’ and recommend you add it to your weekend listening!

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