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Lavi$h – ‘SUNSET BLVD’

African-Canadian artist Lavi$h released his latest single, ‘SUNSET BLVD’ on 28th October 2019. It is the brilliant debut single to be taken from Lavi$h’s EP.

Hard-hitting vocals guide the song along magically. Lavi$h’s vocals have a warm and inviting tone that is instantly charming to the listener. Lavi$h is a talented artist; his lyrics are relatable and ear-catching, always innovating and pushing the boundaries. The lyrics are free-flowing and well-composed. The arrangement of the song is also excellent with the stripped-back middle 8 occurring before the big chorus with an ascending melody. This gives the chorus further emphasis and weight within the track.

We loved the wonderful backing instrumentation that underpins the vocals. The bass is phat and gives a richness to the track. Warm and inviting ‘SUNSET BLVD’ has the perfect summer vibe.

‘SUNSET BLVD’ has been produced by Milano, and together they have created a superb track. The song fuses hip-hop, RnB and pop to create a beautiful and intoxicating sonic experience that will have you reaching for the repeat button. We also adored the video that accompanies the release. Vivid and enticing colours fill the visual landscape and it suits the music perfectly.

Lavi$h says about the video, “We wanted to capture the pace of the track visually and filming in California was the only way that made sense. The scenes are spliced together rapidly, day/night, beach/canyon, it’s all part dream part reality. Capturing the feeling of being in a place where the possibilities are endless.”

Released via Public Records Inc and Universal Music Canada, ‘SUNSET BLVD’ is a catchy and welcoming song, full of life and fun. We can not wait to see what this exciting musician will do next!

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