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Life As Mary – ‘Sixth Street’

One of our favourite artists is back! Life As Mary has released her latest single ‘Sixth Street’ and it is a thoroughly compelling listen. 

There is a teasing opening before ‘Sixth Street’ truly begins. Life As Mary’s voice is reminiscent of Lucinda Williams and her style on the single reminds us of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Jewel, mixed with some Sarah McLachlan too. However, make no mistake Life As Mary makes a sound all of her own. 

An acoustic guitar, drums and bass lead the way in the backing instrumentation. They all work harmoniously together, creating a solid foundation for the vocals to lead the way. Mary’s vocal performance feels effortless; it is filled with emotion and a rich tone that charms the listener instantly. 

The melody on the verses is accompanied by poetical lyrics which we feel will resonate with the listener. There is a beautiful rise and fall within the song, creating texture and colour within the piece. Layered instrumentation gradually appears, and the listener finds themselves swept up in the emotion of the song. 

Life As Mary is quite simply an incredible musician. She has a unique style which transcends genres effortlessly. Her talent and charisma are as evident on ‘Sixth Street’ as it was in her previous release, ‘Time Is Out’. We were lucky enough to review her previous single too, and it is available to read here.

Life As Mary is an avid social media user; we particularly enjoy her Instagram where fans can connect with the artist and see her future projects evolve. 

Released officially at the end of January 2020, ‘Sixth Street’ is out now! Make sure you add it to your playlist this week; you will not be disappointed. 

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