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‘This is Goodbye’ is the stunning latest release by Loose Bolts. Based in Fort Walton Beach, FL, Loose Bolts is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Ian (Brice) Gomez. 

It is a single with stripped back instrumentation that lets the beautiful song shine through. It is, as the title suggests, a tear-inducing breakup song. The single feels honest, earnest and heartfelt throughout. There is genuine sentiment set to a beautiful melody. It is a unique and fresh look at a much relateable topic. 

First, we hear an electric guitar with a dreamy quality to it. There is a water sound underpinning the guitar which adds atmosphere to the track. The guitar riff is melodic and staccato in places, it soon becomes familiar as the song progresses and it is thoroughly addictive. 

There is a bass quite low in the mix. It is subtle but integral to the piece. The vocals are the shining star of the track. Filled with emotion and warmth, gorgeous melodies fill the audio landscape with intrigue and interest. The backing vocals add layers of luscious harmonies and further enhance the rich song. The gentle guitar solo that underpins the second verse has a harsh sound to the guitar. This is a wonderful juxtaposition to the smooth melody. It adds further texture and colour to an already beautiful song.

‘This is Goodbye’ is the follow-up release to the 2019 single ‘Lover’s Tears’. Having been released officially on the 30th August, ‘This is Goodbye’ is available to stream today. We truly feel that Loose Bolts is just getting started! This is most certainly an artist who is one to watch and we can not wait to see what will come next!

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