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Our favourite up and coming artist is back! Lydia Briggs has released her latest single, ‘Carolina Queen’ and it is another hit! 

We hear a beautifully played piano, bass, drums, and atmospheric strings during the piece. Briggs’s stunning rich and warm vocal performance sets the track alight and it is the key that has the listener wanting more. 

Again, Briggs has worked with multi platinum producer, Jim Wirt. Together they have created a wonderfully crafted and hauntingly beautiful song. Wirt says, “Lydia is a great songstress whose unique voice perfectly complements its pop-sense. At just 16 years old, she has a long career ahead of her.” We could not agree more Jim. 

There is also an impressive video that accompanies the release. Briggs has teamed up with Clockwork 9 (Fallen Captive) to create a vividly warm and enticing piece of visual art to compliment ‘Carolina Queen’. Set at sun set, nature imagery encapsulates the visuals. Waves and the beach are the back drops to Briggs’s emotionally filled performance of the song. 

“The Carolinas hold a special place in my heart,” says Lydia Briggs. “I grew up with summers on those beaches. Some of my most treasured memories are from there. But it’s also home to one of my darkest moments. I found myself changed forever. I was no longer the ‘Carolina Queen’ I had imagined myself to be as a child and feared to return. I’m happy to say I finally found the courage to walk those beaches again, shoot the video for this release, and show off the beauty of the Carolina coast.”

It is so exciting to hear the excellent music Briggs is writing at just 16 years of age. It will be so interesting to see how her sound evolves over the next 10 years as she finds her way. One thing is for sure, we will be in the front row, Lydia you have UK fans for life in us! 

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