Macaco – ‘Blue (Diminuto Planeta Azul)’ Ft. Jorge Drexler, Joan Manuel Serrat

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‘Blue (Diminuto Planeta Azul)’ is the stunning latest release by Spanish artist Macaco. It features the superb talents of Jorge Drexler and Joan Manuel Serrat too. Together they have created a piece of art which is timeless.

We hear multiple flamenco guitars dancing around each other, subdued but integral percussion and rich, warm and inviting vocals. The chorus is catchy and with incredible vocal performances and harmonies too. It is an uplifting piece of art which is also a call to arms. 

‘Blue (Diminuto Planeta Azul)’ is primarily about the climate crisis happening in the world. Officially released on 27th September 2019, Macaco chose this date to release the video for ‘Blue (Diminuto Planeta Azul)’ to drop to coincide with the Global Climate Strike. He is a Greenpeace activist who felt he could not miss the opportunity to rise against climate change. He says, “As the environmental organization points out, we are in an emergency situation that can only be undone if governments take the necessary measures to save the climate.” Macaco along with Drexler are using their significent platform to adress problems in the world and make a change.

Macaco says, “Our ego, our greed, our lack of perspective on ourselves…, are destroying our home, our only homeland. It’s a turning point for humans, there’s no turning back. It’s time for action!” He continues, “The fallacies expressed by the caustic economic powers of the world are not at all convincing, their arguments are nothing but empty rhetoric.” 

Join the cause and be part of the movement which brings about change today. If we come together, we can change the situation. Make sure you check out this stunning release, you will not be disappointed. The beutiful music video has had 178,000 views already, it can be viewed from the link above!

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