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Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Madame Psychosis are an Alternative Pop/Rock band. Their latest album ‘Survivor’ is filled with addictive beats and infectious melodies throughout.

The opening track, ‘Just Wanna Be Myself’ sets the scene beautifully. A melodic bass guitar leads the way and the drums, guitars and luscious vocals soon follow. We loved the staccato guitars and layered vocals , they all work tirelessly to create a memorable and thrilling song.

‘White Roses’ is a standout track. The guitar chords are interspersed by guitar licks and a piano. The vocals are warm, silky and smooth. The track evolves in front of the listener and all of the instrumentation fits beautifully together.

Our other favourite tracks include, ‘Not Supposed To Be Here’, brilliant lyrics such as, “Your actions sure get a reaction,” impact and engage with the listener. ‘Red Racer’ has jingly and distorted guitars and building drums. ‘Give It To Me’ has a hard-hitting opening with driving drums and beautiful melodies.

We adored the mix of the album, each of the complex instrumentation has its own space in the mix and yet, everything still comes together to create a harmonious sound. The layers of instrumentation are cemented together by rich harmonies, they add a shine to the songs and complete them. Blissful.

Having formed in 2014, Madame Psychosis’s self-titled debut album was released in 2017. The promotion tour saw the band play at iconic music venues such as, the Toronto Opera House and Horseshoe Tavern. Following this, Madame Psychosiswere invited to perform on the nationally televised segment of Global’s The Morning Show in January 2019. They were also selected to perform at Canadian Music Week in May 2019 and cracked Dropout Entertainment’s Top Picks for CMW 2019.

Comprised of band members Michelle Mondesir – Vocals/Keys, Bret McCaffrey – Guitar, Rene Ip – Guitar, Giovanni Paola – Bass, Jaina Tharakan – Drums/Backing Vocals, this 5 piece have created a piece of art that is rich in heart and soul. Their sound is accessible and filled with beautiful arrangements.

‘Survivor’ was officially released on the 20th of September and it is available to stream now. If you are looking for an album to get your teeth into this weekend, we thoroughly recommend Madame Psychosis’s latest release. We hope you love it as much as we did!

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