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Hailing from Seattle, Mariah Belgrod is a pop artist who is making big waves. Her latest single, ‘Lie To Me’ is pop perfection. With a sound that is contemporary, complex, and catchy Belgrod is an artist you need to hear. 

From an intriguing and textured beginning, Belgrod’s luscious vocals shine through. Layered synths fill the audio landscape and her voice quickly becomes the shining star of the piece. We adored the emotion in her performance and her impressive range and tone are simply divine. The chorus is melodic and catchy, Belgrod will have you reaching for the repeat button in no time! 

‘Lie to Me’, is Belgrod’s 2nd single. Released on August 30th, 2019, she sings about empowering women in their physical and romantic relationships. Belgrod says, “‘Lie to Me’ is about giving agency back to women, and flipping the ‘damsel in distress’ archetype on its head.” We think this is a brilliant message to be putting out into the world and Belgrod is using her platform in the best way.  

Belgrod describes herself as “(An) open book who uses struggles with mental health, womanhood, and toxic relationships.” She uses these themes in her music and this is what makes her such a special artist. We have come to expect pop to be clean, perfect and promoting the Instagram rhetoric. Belgrod is real. She is not afraid to tackle the big issues and admit she is human. We are in desperate need of more artists like Belgrod in the world!

So make sure you take note of the name ‘Mariah Belgrod’, it is not the last time you will hear it and we can not wait to see what will come next from such an exciting talent. 

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