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Released on 10th October 2019, ‘A Rising Tide’ is the dynamic latest EP release from the brilliant Matt Palmer Band.

The opening track, ‘Politic Blues’ hears guitars dancing around one another, with driving drums and a melodic bass. The layers of instrumentation offer depth and the earnest and clean vocals shine at the forefront of the mix. Lyrics such as, “You’ll lie soon as look at me,” hits at the heart of Politics in the UK right now.

‘The flood’ grows from a humble acoustic guitar beginning, into a darker and moodier track in comparison to its predecessor. ‘Chasing Butterflies’ has warm and enticing vocals with beautiful electric guitars. The textured and rhythmical vibe throughout adds character to the piece too. The final song, ‘Complications’ has a driving rhythm at its core. All of the instrumentation create a closing song that leaves the listener wanting more.

Palmer describes the EP as, “A collection of songs inspired by the human condition, the mechanics of the natural world, and the intersection of the two.” It also tackles subjects including sea-level rise and political propaganda. These are all important issues that need to be discussed and Palmer is using his significant platform as a musician to bring these important topics to the forefront of the conversation.

No stranger to the music business, Palmer has previously made major songwriting contributions to two full-length studio albums on the US independent label City Canyons Records as part of the rock band, Anemo. The Matt Palmer band was formed in 2018 when Matt enlisted the talents of drummer and multi-instrumentalist Niall Robinson and bassist/producer Alex Jennings. They are all excellent musicians in their respective fields and have come together on ‘A Rising Tide’ to create a beautiful piece of art.

So make sure you check out this fantastic release, you will not be disappointed.

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