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5ba21eac0b587be80ccb70cb05ab5a54-MissElm_Headshot_stephdoyle.jpgEvery now and then, we come across an artist who blows us away. This has happened this afternoon. Miss Elm has released her truly infectious latest single, ‘Clean Slate’ and it is an absolute cracker!

Armed with her Baritone Ukulele and silky tones, Miss Elm is producing music which is innovating the pop scene in 2019. ‘Clean Slate’ is a perfect example of an artist using zero smoke and mirrors to create a spell-binding and catchy track.

The song opens with the previously mentioned Baritone Ukulele. It plays a riff that will soon become instantly recognisable. One of the many shining stars of the piece is Miss Elm’s voice. It is tonally rich with an impressive 3-octave range. Full of character and depth, her voice is also accompanied by relatable lyrics.

The choruses on ‘Clean Slate’ are big and hard-hitting. The drums and synths lift the track as the piece progresses. There is subtle but effective percussion on the second verse and the track comes to a close as it began with a duet between the ukulele and vocals. This brings the song full circle and it is a tidy arrangement.

The composition of ‘Clean Slate’ is excellent. Miss Elm knows when to bring in the big sound and equally when to pull it back too. We adored the luscious layered vocals which add extra texture and finesse to a superb song.

Based in Brisbane, Miss Elm is the alter-ego of Erin Harrington. Having studied Classical Violin, Singing lessons, and a Popular Music Degree, Miss Elm independently went on to produce 3 EP’s and was recognised as a finalist in the “Folk, Singer-Songwriter” section of the Queensland Music Awards. Her talents are available for all to hear on this spellbinding latest release. 

We will be watching with eager anticipation to see what will come next from such an exciting talent. We would like to put in a request for a full album, please!

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