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Indie/Rock artist, Mortimer Jackson, is back with his brand new single, ‘Revolution’. It is a superb song that has been arranged beautifully and sets a catchy and direct tone.

The single opens to the sound of a solo drum playing an infectious beat. Guitars, bass, and clean sounding vocals all enter the piece and add layers of luscious instrumentation. The bass drives the piece along and feels like the heartbeat of the song. The double-tracked vocals appearing in specific and thought out places give weight and emphasis to the lyrics. There are palm-muted guitars and layered vocals on the bridge that add vivid colour to the piece too. We adored the chorus, it has a staccato rhythm that demands the listeners’ attention. An acoustic guitar can be heard weaving in and out and the guitar riffs add further interest.

‘Revolution’ is a very textured piece of composition. The structure never stays the same for more than a section and it is this constant evolution throughout the song which gives it its character. Lyrically, the single is cleverly composed and paired with truly infectious melodies, ‘Revolution’ will stay with the listener for a long time once the music has finished.

Jackson grew up in Glastonbury, Somerset. However, he was born in Highgate, London, and this is where he currently resides. The Glastonbury living from his formative years has written its musical genius into his DNA. Jackson’s music is thoroughly charismatic and unique with a charm that will have you hooked from the first listen.

This superb single’s official release date was 23rd August 2019, so it is available to stream now! Follow the link on the player below to discover this magnificent artist. You will not be disappointed!

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