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Ms. M|CHL – ‘Pretend’

‘Pretend’ is the superb debut single by artist, Ms. M|CHL. This soulful song mixes influences of Soul, R&B, Grunge, Pop, Rock, Indie, and Electronica and is a thoroughly engaging listen.

An acoustic guitar filled with grit and integrity opens this divine single. A simple finger click offers the first taste of a beat and there are also teasing vocals before the main lyrics hit. The breathy and attention-grabbing vocals are magical. They are filled with genuine integrity and heart. We loved Ms. M|CHL’s impressive vocal range which is on full display during the duration of the song. The percussion and keys arrive as the song evolves and add further texture to the piece. By the second verse, ‘Pretend’ is in full flow. The catchy and memorable chorus is addictive and stays with the listener long after the music has finished. 

Ms. M|CHL has had a prolific career so far. Having grown up in rural Oklahoma, at the age of five, she found solace performing in the church with her Grandfather, Mother, and Brother. As an adult, she moved to Los Angeles and began singing backup vocals for an array of Hip Hop artists (Strange Fruit), Blues bands (The Don Haney Band), and Latin Pop Singer, Mychaela. She was introduced to singer-songwriter David Moriarty (Earth At Night). The two had an instant connection musically and began writing together in February 2017. A year later they released Ms. M| CHL’s first EP, “Unrequited” on 

Ms. M| CHL’s debut single, “Pretend” will be released on 6th February 2020, available on all platforms. She is a musician to watch this year, and we can not recommend this divine artist enough!

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