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d7901f70c595a1b17de1c6648737fd80-7.png‘Holiday’ is the latest single to be released by London based singer-songwriter, Nicolah.

The single opens to an abrupt beginning with syncopated rhythms and intriguing melodies. The reverb on the vocals adds warmth and intrigue, this paired with an addictive chorus will have you singing along in no time and is a recipe for success. We adored the link from the bridge back into the chorus. The use of low end creates a rumbling and the bass shines in its own melodies and grooves.

We love Nicolah’s voice. She is a songwriter who is able to convey emotion easily and ‘Holiday’ is a relatable listen. Her tone and control are simply exquisite and her performance is stunning. She also has a voice that is instantaneously recognisable as hers.

A follow up to Nicolah’s previous single, ‘Out of the Pie’, ‘Holiday’ has been mixed & mastered by Warner Music’s Axel Lang & Abbey Road’s Christian Wright. Their efforts have culminated in a song which is set to be a summer anthem. Nicolah says ‘Holiday’ is, ‘A song that laments & celebrates life at the same time.’ We feel this is evident upon listening to the single and Nicolah gets her message through clear and concisely.


Originally from Cumbria, Nicolah is a breath of fresh air in a heavily saturated pop market. Her unique sound and catchy melodies are on full display on this single and we are sure it is destined for big things. Make sure you check out the fun and lively video which accompanies the song. Directed by Nicolah & Hernan Plazzo, the Videography is courtesy of Santiago Piqueras and the Creative Direction is provided by Nicolah herself. Together they have created a piece of art that is a perfect accompaniment for the awesome music it represents.

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