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Partinico Rose – ‘Slave of Time’

Partinico Rose are a superb trio hailing from Sicily. Their latest single ‘Slave of Time’, released on 21st January 2020, is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

From an enticing solo drum opening, an intriguing song emerges. A heavy guitar helps to drive the song along with a melodic bass and passionate vocals. The emotive song effortlessly grabs the listener’s attention and leaves them wanting more. 

We love the bass which takes the lead in places and gracefully adds extra colour to the piece. We found the vocals to be filled with charm and character too. The instrumental builds in tension and takes the song in a new, unexpected direction. Towards the end of the single, the guitars pull away, they leave the song to end as it began, with the luscious drums. 

There is also an exciting video which accompanies the release. The band are seen performing in grand and luxurious surroundings with the extra touch of a ballet dancer adding further interest and intrigue. 

Partinico Rose are comprised of Vincenzo Cannizzo (Vocals and Guitar), Massimo Russo (Bass), and Carlo Schembari (Drums). Together the trio, who have been a band since 2015, create a harmonious and driving sound. All 3 are longtime musicians from the city of Ragusa, and have worked on past projects such as The Stark, Carnival Ends, and Enfant Terrible. 

The band have also released a self produced debut album entitled ‘Songs for sad and angry people’ which was released on 6th December 2019. Reigniting the New Wave music of the 1980s with a 2020 influence, Partinico Rose are an exciting band who need to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

Make sure you check out ‘Slave of Time’ today, you will not be disappointed. 

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