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Pizza Daddy – ‘Too Many Boyfriends’

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Pizza Daddy are releasing their excellent new single ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ on 15th May 2020. This dream-pop duo have hit the jackpot with this exciting latest single!

Luscious, jingly guitars open the release. Bass and drums soon accompany them, and the scene is set. The characterful and charming vocals enter, and the dream-pop feel is in full flow. We love the infectious melodies; they are destined to have the listener reaching for the repeat button. The production is exciting too with the instrumentation bouncing from once side of the sonic spectrum to the other creating texture and colour within the piece. We found the chorus to be thoroughly addictive; Pizza Daddy know how to write a welcomed earworm!

Pizza Daddy – ‘Too Many Boyfriends’

Pizza Daddy say, “The song was written about a friend of ours who was dating a girl he really liked, but he kept mentioning he felt like she was dating other people behind his back and had ‘Too Many Boyfriends’.” They continue, “He was doing exactly the same behind her back, so we didn’t understand where he was coming from, in the end, it all worked out fine, and they are now officially together”.

Pizza Daddy have been formed by Ross Pearce & Mike Stothard the founding members of the band BOYS. After spending the last five years playing shows in the UK, Europe and America with the likes of Fake Laugh, Trudy & The Romance, Lowly & Sasami, the duo wanted a new project, and Pizza Daddy was born. 

Make sure you add ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ to your weekend playlist. It is an exciting single, and we look forward to hearing what Pizza Daddy will do next. 

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