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Plastic Barricades – ‘Optimist’

The divine duo Plastic Barricades are back with their sizzling latest single, ‘Optimist’. Having been released officially on 2nd February 2020, it is available now!

An expertly played electric guitar opens the single swiftly followed by wonderfully rhythmic drums, and the groove is established. The melodic vocals are delicious and add their unique colour to the single. We loved the dreamy quality to the chorus, and the magnificent guitar solo too, they both have Plastic Barricades unique trademark sound on them. 

Plastic Barricades says, ” ‘Optimism’ is all about seeing the way forward through what may seem like a hopeless situation. Australia is on fire, the Amazon is burning, the seas are rising, the air is polluted, and dumps are full. But being pessimistic isn’t going to help. We can’t blame each other and point fingers. We have to make our own decisions.” They continue, “Human beings can have some terrible instincts – but we aren’t our instincts. We are our choices. Pessimism is choosing defeat, choosing not to act, choosing to accept the situation. We’ve made this mess. We need to clean it up. It starts and ends with us.”

Based between London and Paris, Plastic Barricades are comprised of musicians Dan Kert on guitars and vocals and Paul Love on drums. ‘Optimist’ is the second single to be taken from the bands upcoming LP ‘Self-Theories’. It was written, recorded and mixed in a backyard Shed Studio in North-West London. The single has also been expertly mastered by legendary producer Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis Studios.

Make sure you check out this exciting single today. We can not wait for the full album release later this year!

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