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Released on 20th September 2019, ‘Come Clean’ is the latest single from North East Indie Rock Band, Plastic Glass.

The energetic start is carried through the entire single. Staccato guitars, driving bass and impacting drums all work together to create a tight foundation for the vocals to spring from. From the beginning to the end of the single, the infectious melodies impact the listener and stay with you long after the music has finished.

Relentlessly hard-hitting, guitars spring from all areas of the audio spectrum. Subtle additions such as the tambourine offer new and exciting elements to be enjoyed. All of this culminates in a sudden ending that leaves the listener wanting more and reaching for the repeat button.

Comprised of band members, Lewis Conlin, Dylan Abbott, Ben Richardson, and Frazer Graham, Plastic Glass know how to write a catchy and infectious hit song. This refreshing single is rich in colour and character. The vocal performance impressively weaves its way through the tricky lyrics and connects directly with the listener.

Plastic Glass says, “‘Come Clean’ developed into a very different song to the initial incarnation we first had, ending up as a darker, dirtier track driven by energy. We’re excited to share it now in its final form as it feels like a natural progression in terms of production and style.” We would love to see this single performed live. The energy that flows through the recording we imagine would be electric in a live performance.

Plastic Glass are truly a magnificent band. Their unique sound is exactly what music needs right now. An alternative to the often mundane Top 40, Plastic Glass have grit and integrity and we can not wait to see what will come next from this superb group.

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