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pulseCoder – ‘Wicked Transmission’

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Austin based experimental IDM producer pulseCoder, has released his spellbinding latest single, ‘Wicked Transmission’, on 1/5/20. 

An attention-grabbing opening paves the way for layered synths, darting and expressive to fill the sonic landscape. The staccato nature creates texture and colour within the piece. A stoic beat emerges, and mesmerizing synths effortlessly capture the listener’s attention. Blissful. 

pulseCoder says, “The project crosses deep modular synthesis textures and rhythms with chaotic digital glitch aesthetics. Drawing influence from IDM, house, and experimental genres like power electronics and glitch, pulseCoder dives deep into the precarious territory between music and noise. The result is a dark and moody crossover fluctuating between structure and entropy, simulating a controlled collapse into chaos. This output manifests in the form of physical & digital sonic releases, experimental video releases, and immersive audio/visual performances.”

Using hacked arcade controllers to manipulate a host of self-made synthesizers, lighting and visual art, pulseCoder’s expressive multi-media performances are a spectacle of technology and inspiring craftsmanship. This amalgamation of cascading alien soundscapes, futuristic bass lines and glitched out dance beats have coalesced into a dynamic new track with both abstract and mass appeal. As a career educator, Kyle Evans, aka pulseCoder operates a school for music & visual technology, placing him at the forefront of innovation and the cultivation of new modern art. 

This incredible sound designer and musician has performed electronic music and created interactive installations throughout North America and Europe, including Transmediale in Berlin, the GLI.TC/H festival, Currents New Media Festival, the International Computer Music Conference, the Dallas Video Festival, the Blanton Museum of Art, Dimanche Rouge in Paris, and the Vancouver New Music Festival.

So make sure you add this superb single to your weekend playlist. pulseCoder is a phenomenal artist who is destined for even bigger things this year. Check out ‘Wicked Transmission’ from the link below!

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