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Raymond Revel - 'Running From Reality'
Raymond Revel – ‘Running From Reality’

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Raymond Revel – ‘Running From Reality’

Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, musician Raymond Revel has released his superb latest single ‘Running From Reality’ on 9th May 2020.

A gentle piano opening greets the listener. Raymond Revel’s characterful vocals enter, and the song is thoroughly compelling. We love the storytelling in the lyrics, they connect the artist to the listener, and he resonates with them effortlessly. 

The choruses hear a bigger production, a wonderful juxtaposition to the stripped back verse. The cinematic feel to the piece is mesmerising, and we could easily hear ‘Running From Reality’ being used for sync in TV or film. The second verse features the stripped back instrumentation again, the same as the first, before the luscious chorus comes back to move the listener. 

Raymond Revel - 'Running From Reality'
Raymond Revel – ‘Running From Reality’

Revel Talks About the Release

Raymond Revel says, “‘Running from Reality’, provides the listener with an elaborate story about a man who finds the girl of his dreams…in his dreams. This leads him down a torturous path, as he would rather be asleep than awake so that he can see her again. But what if she isn’t there the next time he falls asleep? This tension is what fuels the song forward.”

Revel worked in cooperation with Keith Harris and Voyager Mastering, both of whom have worked with the likes of Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Cody Fry, Clay Finnesand, and many more. Collectively they have produced a single which is destined to stand the test of time with this release.

Make sure you add ‘Running From Reality’ to your weekend playlist. Raymond Revel is a hitmaker, and this single is no exception. We can not wait to hear what he will do next, and we’ll be waiting with great anticipation.

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