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Safari Room – ‘Young Water’

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Nashville based band Safari Room is set to release their excellent latest single ‘Young Water’, on 1/5/20. It is an upbeat and attention-grabbing single – indie rock at its finest!

Punchy drums and energetic vocals open the single. We loved the intoxicating vibe, which is established early in the song. The guitars are layered, strummed and palmed muted, they create layers of texture within the piece. We adored the chorus, which is catchy and memorable. It is big and imposing, grabbing the listeners attention and holding it effortlessly. The instrumental middle 8 takes the song in an unexpected new direction and into a stripped-back final verse. Safari Room’s intelligent arrangement leaves the song feeling fresh and enticing. 

When asked about the release Safari Room said, “The song is called ‘Young Water’, and it details the tension and release of monotony and the hope to break out of stagnant, cyclical behaviours. It’s an upbeat, song with thoughtful and optimistic lyrics — we feel it will inspire people during these truly unnerving times. Releasing music in light of the current crisis feels like a way to come together and push through this in unified positivity.”

This superb indie-rock band consists of members Alec Koukol (songwriter/lead vocalist/guitarist), Chris Collier (guitar), and Austin Drewry (drums). They are all excellent musicians, and when they play together, magic happens. 

Safari Room is gearing up to release their first full-length album after years of single and EP releases later this year. We can not wait! Until then, make sure you check out ‘Young Water’, it is a special single which needs to be heard! 

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