Sean Shiff – ‘Medicine Lake’ Release Out Now!

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Sean Shiff – ‘Medicine Lake’ Release Out Now!

Americana artist, Sean Shiff has released his latest single ‘Medicine Lake’. Its relaxed vibe is the perfect soundtrack to the impending autumn and is the perfect remedy to a tough day.

The opening acoustic guitar has a beautiful sound to it. The engineer has most certainly found the elusive ‘sweet spot’. It is warm without being too bassy and has enough top on it without it feeling brassy. The guitar has also been double-tracked so it has an impactful presence from the get-go. The guitar feels strong and stable as it chugs away throughout the entire 5-minute song with stoic dependability in its rhythm. 

The bass, drums, and vocals all enter together creating a wall of impressive sound. The melodies, harmonies and suspended guitar chords all create a beautiful sonic experience and all work together well. The addition of the electric guitar on the second verse adds further colour to the release.

The electric guitar enters in short bursts throughout the song. It counteracts the vocals and creates a melodic duel between the two. ‘Medicine Lake’ also fades out on an impressive guitar solo. There are empowering mini guitars solos throughout which enhance the feel of an already character-filled song. 


‘Medicine Lake’ is airing on the country-side of the Americana part of the scale. Shiff’s warm vocals have a country twang in them that dictates the genre. The vocals are the shining star of the piece as they narrate the story and guide the song along. 

The lyrics are also an integral and beautiful piece to this audio jigsaw. Lyrics such as, “Sits there like a bill, no one wants to pay,” is relatable to many people and adds to the song’s charm and appeal. 

So make sure you check out this relaxed single today, you deserve it! 

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