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Sing Again Syren – ‘Time Is A Trip’

We are so excited to have discovered the latest EP by the rock and roll power trio, Sing Again Syren. ‘Time Is A Trip’ is a masterpiece in guitar-driven rock and roll.

‘Run On Home’ opens the EP. It’s driving guitars, and drums lay a solid foundation for the hard-hitting vocals to enter. Melodic and captivating, the scene is set as to what is to come. ‘So Blue’ has again a heavy guitar and drums opening with magnificent riffs filling the sonic spectrum. We adored ‘Retrospect’ for the duelling between the guitars and vocals. They create deep layers of texture, never intruding upon one another, and always complimenting each other. ‘Rich Woman’ is another intense song filled with compelling rhythms and colours. Inspiring and enigmatic guitar riffs flourish throughout with the tempo rising and falling. Luscious.  

Sing Again Syren were formed in Newcastle in 2018. Since then they have opened for renowned acts such as Paul Gilbert and Jared James Nichols. They released their debut single ‘Kiss The Preacher’ in January of 2019, and this was followed by ‘Cast Away’. ‘Time Is A Trip’ was officially released on 29th February 2020, and it is destined to win the band an army of new fans.

Comprised of band members Eliza Lee – Guitar and Vocals, Hattie Steel – Drums, and Laila Riley – Bass, this trio know how to rock. They grab the listener’s attention and hold it effortlessly. 

So make sure you check out ‘Time Is A Trip’ today. Sing Again Syren are a band to watch this year, and we can not wait to see what they will do next. 

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