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Sleep Council – ‘Serious’

Brighton based artist, Sleep Council has released his magnificent, upbeat and infectious latest single, ‘Serious’.

We adored the upbeat instrumentation that dances around one another. There are infectious riffs in the chorus which are genius and the synths and guitars guide the way here. We also loved the vocals, filled with emotion, pain in places and grace, they are the focal point to the track. ‘Serious’ is a masterclass in composition and we can not wait for Sleep Council’s EP to drop in 2020.

The single was self-produced by Sleep Council and mixed by producer, Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile). Together they have created a lively and layered piece of art. There is a lot of instrumentation happening at once (especially at the end) and each of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix while still being able to come together and work as a whole.

Sleep Council says, “Lyrically this song is quite a basic lament about two people damaging each other in relationships, so in a sense, it’s like any kind of ‘sad song’ really. Sonically though, it’s a different story. It’s essentially a frantic outpouring of euphoria.” We adored the euphoric feel to the track, no matter the subject matter, the juxtaposition of the music and lyrics is beautiful and destined to move its audience.

Describing his music, Sleep Council says, ” “It must help me transcend the grief and boredom of everyday life, otherwise it’s not worth releasing or even recording in the first instance. In its acoustic form, this song provides me with a bit of short-lived catharsis, but it was far too tinged with unhappy feelings and for that reason was not worth revisiting very often.” We are so pleased the song has evolved into its current incarnation, a classic in the making.

Sleep Council AKA Richard Allan, is a self-taught, deeply talented multi-instrumentalist. His refreshing sound will touch the heart of its listeners, we know it did ours. Check out this wonderful released today!

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