Moody Bats – ‘Blessing’

Moody Bats - 'Blessing' 'Blessing' is the divine latest album by Georgia based duo, Moody Bats. This compelling 15 track album is filled with stunning melodies, delicious grooves and compositions filled with heart.  'Water' opens the release. The sound of waves and beautifully picked guitars slowly float into the sonic spectrum. A calming and peaceful … Continue reading Moody Bats – ‘Blessing’

Jonathan Karkar – ‘Adrenaline Rush’

Jonathan Karkar - 'Adrenaline Rush' Jonathan Karkar is a talented Producer, Composer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist. His latest single, 'Adrenaline Rush' has been released today (14th February 2020), and it is a spellbinding release. Keys and vocals hit the listener from the get-go. Karkar has a wonderful tone to his voice which is rich and inviting. … Continue reading Jonathan Karkar – ‘Adrenaline Rush’