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52596100_282876592607594_4305863267252699136_nTemperature Falls describe themselves as a “Norweigian/English Trip-Hop/contemporary rock duo”. Their latest single, ‘Guilty/Stability’ is a song which is set to light up the summer!

‘Guilty/Stability’ is unlike any other single we have heard lately. The layered production offers lots of elements and layers of interest and intrigue for the listener. Upon each listen, we identified a part that we had not heard before but that is an integral part of the overall sound.

This epic single has a sparse opening that slowly builds. The opening synths have been mixed to one side of the mix with the drums (feeling industrial at times) and bass fixed securely. The kick is lively and feels like the heartbeat of the song. It is all extremely atmospheric and full of character. The foundations have been laid beautifully for the luscious vocals to kick in. Laden with reverb and delay, the vocals remind us of Bjork in places with the opening having a high pitch and attention-demanding quality to them.

The song is extremely well-composed. With so many elements, the end result could easily feel cluttered but this is certainly not the case. Each of the elements has its own space in the mix and everything sits in perfect harmony with one another. The full audio spectrum has been used in the mix too. Some of the instrumentation is at the sides of the spectrum with the main vocals being placed firmly center stage.

One thing is for sure, Temperature Falls are creating interesting and captivating music. They are forever evolving and never standing still. We can not wait to see what will come next from such exciting artists. We had a peek at their facebook page (listed below) and an album looks like it is on the horizon. If it’s true, we can not wait!

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