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Released on 27th September 2019, ‘Carnal Insect’ is the brilliantly complex, Pop/Synth album by The Fair Attempts.

The overall feel of the album is futuristic. The heavy use of synths aid this and they help to create deep character from the get-go. We adored the use of skillful guitar solo’s on, ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Another Heap’. The Fair Attempts is clearly an excellent musician who is blessed in many musical areas.

The drums have an industrial quality to them in places. Songs such as, ‘Faith In You’ and the opening track, ‘Black Widow’ feature this. They add a sterile and stoic feel to the music and instantly lets the listener know where they stand.

‘Race to the Red Lights’ was our favourite song on the album. The use of synth drums, melodic bass and synth leads give the music an 80’s sound but The Fair Attempts has reinvented this for 2019 and given it a Rock/Metal slant. Very cleverly composed and well-executed.

Formed in 2018, The Fair Attempts was founded by Friendly Timo. He single-handedly writes the compositions, lyrics, and completes the audio engineering. He has done a brilliant job with ‘Carnal Insect’. The clear and concise brief has been executed well and keeps the listener engaged while taking them on a unique journey.

The Fair Attempts describes himself as, “(the)’Black Mirror’ of Industrial Rock, exploring themes of the future society we’re unwittingly constructing around ourselves.” This very much comes through from the first listen of the album. His body of work carries a message and The Fair Attempts is using his platform to highlight subject matters we can all relate to.

The Fair Attempts also says, “The theme of the album is human society becoming something that resembles an insect colony more and more. ‘Carnal Insect’ is structured as a three acts story, with three songs in each act. Act I is about behaviours and attitudes that lead to our downfall, full of messages about narcissism, opportunism, and parasitic greed.” In the times in which we live in there are certainly parallels to be drawn.

We highly recommend checking out this new release. The Fair Attempts has compiled a body of work to be proud of and it is music that needs to be heard!

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