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The Pink Flamingos – ‘Ego’

We have been completely blown away by the latest single from The Pink Flamingos. ‘Ego’ is a beautifully composed and arranged song with a catchy chorus and meaningful lyrics. 

We adored the melodies created by the vocals. The colour that has been injected into the melody lines are stunning. Slick and effortless, the cadences always land gracefully and there is a wonderful flow to the lyrics. This allows the lyrics to connect with the audience and they grab the listeners’ attention instantly.

The production of the single is excellent. The drums are rich (The snare and kick drum sounds are stunning), the guitars cut through the top end of the mix, and the keys and bass create texture for the vocals to spring from. The guitars appear layered in the instrumental break and can be heard coming at the listener from different ends of the audio spectrum. 

The Pink Flamingos say, “‘Ego’ is about the internal conflict between a person and their conscience, and the struggle of maintaining control over your lesser impulses and urges. A dilemma that everyone faces, but not one that all people embrace.” It is their unique take on situations we all face that sets them apart from the crowd. 

Comprised of band members, Beau Halford – Singer, Will Looms – Guitar, Ash Brandon – Bass, Nick Cowan – Keys, and Max Lascelles – Drums, The Pink Flamingos have their own smooth, unique and uncompromising sound. Mixing Jazz with Funk and Alternative Rock, they have created a supreme sound that is instantly identifiable as their own. 

We have also added this single to our playlist which can be found here. We can not wait to see what will come next from this exciting band.

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