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Released on 19th July 2019, ‘On Your Own’ is the exquisite latest single from Videocean. It is their second release this year and a mighty fine single it is.

The song swims into the audio stratosphere, with a crisp acoustic and melodic guitar. The vocals are warm, inviting and characterful throughout and are brilliant at captivating the listener. The bass is rich and drums gently guide the song along. There is a an organ instrumental linking the first chorus back to the verse which is blissful. We adored the layered harmonies, they add a dreamy 1960’s feel to the song and add further charm to the piece.

Videocean have a wonderfully distinctive sound. Comprised of band members, Perry (lead vocals/bass), Neil (guitar/strings/backing vocals), Ross (guitar/backing vocals), and Rob (drums), Videocean decided to release the song on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. It has characterful nods to space within the track, especially in the ending.

‘On Your Own’ was Recorded in Peckham at 123 Studios. The studios are renowned for the rich analog sounds captured by the owner and producer, Brett Shaw. The track is written and produced by Videocean and mixed by Rob Wilks at Squarehead Studio, Kent. Brett and Rob have worked together previously with Foals & Florence + the Machine. The mix, production, and mastering are top class on the single. Each of the instruments has its own space in the mix. The overall sound is warm and clean with a wonderful nod to 1960’s production.

So make sure you check out this brilliant single today. This may be the first time we have heard of Videocean but we are sure it will not be the last. We can not wait to hear what they will release next!

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