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Wild Hum released their self-titled EP ‘Wild Hum’, in September 2019. It is a collection of 6 songs that take the listener on a journey through Wild Hum’s world.

The intriguingly named ‘Divorce in the Water’ is the opening song. A duo between a piano and vocal emerges. Singer Hannah Rooth has vocals that remind us of a mix between Bjork and Kate Bush but make no mistake, her impressive tone, range and delivery make for a sound all of her own.

‘Quietness’ and ‘Turn Out’ both feature a duo opening too. The vocals dance with instruments and create atmosphere and texture. They are both beautiful unions which enhance the EP’s character, and charm.

‘Tenderly’ hears a staccato guitar juxtaposed to long luscious strings. A big band sound emerges and transports the listeners through the song. ‘It’s Wondering If You’ll Be Here Tomorrow’ has a beautifully picked guitar and again, Rooth’s voice shines bright. The final song, ‘You Feel Free’ is a perfect ending with marching drums and a dancing cello.

Wild Hum says, “Wild Hum is a collective of musical misfits from various parts of the country, newly convened in Boston. Drawing upon ubiquitous human experiences and their own personal histories, their musical turns and twists are honest and soulful.” We feel this is precisely what we could feel emanating through the music. Their lyrics are genuine, and this is what will resonate with the listener.

Comprised of band members: Hannah Rooth – Singer/Songwriter and Ukulele, April Faith-Slaker – Cello and Bass, and Adrian Avalos – Guitar and Percussion, Wild Hum are a group of excellent musicians. Together they create a perfect union of composition, arrangement, and performance.

So make sure you check out this brilliant EP this week! We can not wait to hear what will come next from such an exciting group of musicians.

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