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Chris McConville – ‘Fire’

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Musician Chris McConville has re-released a version of the beautiful alternative rock single ‘Fire’, on 8th May 2020.

Breathy vocals open the single. An upbeat feel takes over, and the song is in full flow. We love how the reflective lyrics are juxtaposed to the joyous instrumentation creating texture within the piece. Keys, drums, percussion, bass, and guitars all lay a solid foundation for the layered and compelling vocals to shine. We adore the punchy production and singing guitar riffs too, they add their unique colour to the piece. 

Chris McConville was the drummer for the band Blackhill Pioneers (BHP) with musician Tony Eke. Originally, a collaboration between Tony and fellow singer/songwriter Simon Dawes, ‘Fire’ has been re-created by Chris McConville, and recently mixed and mastered by Bjorgvin Benediktsson of Audio Issues.

‘Fire’ took on a further meaning to Chris when sadly, band member Tony Eke died in 2019 after a short battle with cancer. The band was unable to complete ‘Fire’ before Tony’s death. Chris says, “Throughout the process, the objective had always been to make a recording that represented the originality of the song. It is a dream come true to hear this final outcome, a fitting tribute to Tony who too died young and whose talents and lovely soft English tones we lost too soon.”

We think that ‘Fire’ is a fitting tribute to Tony Eke. Chris McConville and Bjorgvin Benediktsson have collectively done an excellent job in recreating a beautiful single which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. We are sure Tony would be proud of the end result.

So make sure you add ‘Fire’ to your weekend playlist, you will not be disappointed!

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