Chris McConville – ‘Fire’

*Read Disclosure Here Musician Chris McConville has re-released a version of the beautiful alternative rock single ‘Fire’, on 8th May 2020. Breathy vocals open the single. An upbeat feel takes over, and the song is in full flow. We love how the reflective lyrics are juxtaposed to the joyous instrumentation creating texture within the piece. […]

4FLO MUSIC – ‘Running Around’

Hailing from Manchester, musician 4FLO MUSIC (AKA Ben Partington), released his magnificent latest single in March 2020.┬áIt is a song filled with heart and soul, a thoroughly addictive listen. Synths with an underpinning melody open the single. Layered instrumentation bursts into the sonic spectrum, and this is followed by Ben’s sung vocals, adding their guiding […]