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D’Addio (AKA Giulia Scarantino) is back with her latest single, ‘A Separation’. It is a wonderful introduction to Scarantino’s music and is destined to be a hit, gaining many new fans along the way!

From a hard-hitting opening, the track jumps directly into its compelling groove. Vocals, bass, drums, and guitars all fill the sonic landscape. The vocals have a degree of distortion to them which adds impact and colour to the piece. Compelling and mesmerising, they whisper in places and the mix in timbre adds to their authority and weight that they carry during the single. 

We adored the chorus of the song. There are beautiful and unusual chord changes that keep the listener on their toes. You do not know what will come next and this adds to the charm and character of the piece. 

The overall production creates a warm and inviting vibe. The verses and choruses have a significant difference in texture to them and each has an impact in their own way. There is also a sudden ending to the single which is hard-hitting and leaves the listener wanting more! 

D’Addio is the first solo project by Giulia Scarantino. It is a brilliantly composed and well-arranged song that is destined to capture the heart of its listeners. Scarantino says, “Love, authenticity and no sense of belonging took me to new imaginary lands, where there are no borders and no shame for being vulnerable.”

There is also a superb video that accompanies the release. We are very much looking forward to the forthcoming EP from Scarantino. ‘The Happily Never After’ is currently in the works and after hearing, ‘A Separation’, we can not wait for the new EP to drop! In the meantime, make sure you check out this magnificent latest single today, you will not be disappointed! 

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