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Thomas Feiner - 'Guide For The Perplexed'
Thomas Feiner – ‘Guide For The Perplexed’

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Thomas Feiner – ‘Guide For The Perplexed’

Swedish musician Thomas Feiner has released his superb latest single ‘Guide For The Perplexed’ on the 18th February 2020.

firstly, from an intriguing musical opening, Feiner’s unmistakable vocals breakthrough. They remind us of Nick Cave in places and instantly charm the listener. His voice is sumptuous and engaging, captivating the listener and holding their attention effortlessly. Double tracked as the song progresses, they are quite simply divine. 

The backing instrumentation has texture and colour. We love the laid back melody which is further elovated by dreamy backing vocals. In addition, we found the claps in the percussion section give a deep humanity to the piece too.

Thomas Feiner
Thomas Feiner


Furthermore, there is also a retro-style music video that supports the release. It features performances by Swedish artist couple Mats Landström and Helena Norell. Above all, it is the perfect accompaniment to this upbeat song. 

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Feiner’s works include releases with the former band Anywhen, film scores for director Achim von Borries, collaborations with Fyfe Dangerfield, The The, Steve Jansen, Autumn Chorus and more. He is a talented individual, and this latest release showcases his musical capabilities.

Feiner is also a member of the band Exit North with Steve Jansen, Ulf Jansson and Charles Storm. The album “Book of Romance and Dust” came out in 2018. After concerts in Japan, 2019 saw more gigs and shows are booked in Europe 2020. We will be keeping an eye on dates and hoping there is a UK one in there! 

So make sure you check out Thomas Feiner today! In conclusion, 2020 is going to be a big year for him, and we can not wait to see what he will do next!

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