’21 Sacraments’ is the new mix tape by My Planet Is Pluto. It is a collection of instrumental Trap tunes by 11 with tracks including: Jimmy Stone, Bobby Randolph, Sein Martin, Steve Garland, Rick Albert, George Rasten, Billy Locaine, Miriam Locaine, Will Gregory, Eric Walsh and Walter Sullivan.   Our favourite tracks are: The opening … More MY PLANET IS PLUTO – ’21 SACRAMENTS’

Brandon Wolf Hill – ‘Don’t Leave Me’

Brandon Wolf Hill is a rap/indie artist hailing from Minneapolis, MN, United States. His latest single ‘Don’t Leave Me’ released in 2018, is a heart breaking and relatable piece of work. ‘Don’t Leave Me’ has a beautiful acoustic start mixed with female spoken word cleverly and closely followed by male singing vocals. Once the verse … More Brandon Wolf Hill – ‘Don’t Leave Me’

Plato’s Stepchildren’ – Crosstown Chameleons

Crosstown Chameleons are a Rock orientated band hailing from Miami, FL. Their latest album ‘Plato’s Stepchildren’ was released in May 2018 and is a stunning collection of work. Comprised of Bill Scherer – Vocals, Will Montgomery – Drums, Rob Kayes – Acoustic Guitar and Gabe Stivala – Electric Guitar, the band have produced an album … More Plato’s Stepchildren’ – Crosstown Chameleons

Untitled Art – ‘Philly to Long Branch Part 2’

Untitled Art are a brilliant duo made up of David Sempier and James Linton. They have two singles out ahead of an impressive two new albums due out later in the year.  The first single ‘Philly to Long Branch Part 2’ is a brilliantly composed single with a positive yet vulnerable sound. It is electronic … More Untitled Art – ‘Philly to Long Branch Part 2’

‘The Misses’ – Joshua Ketchmark

‘The Misses’ is the new album by the brilliant Joshua Ketchmark. Released on 30th March 2018 it’s sweet melodies, stunning harmonies and honey guitar riffs all make for sublime listening.  Originally from Peroia, illinois, Ketchmark moved to Nashville, Tennessee after High School. You can hear this historic region laced into the fabric of the terrific … More ‘The Misses’ – Joshua Ketchmark